Written in the SandWords & Music by Carsten Nielsen


I saw my name
Written in the sand
I thought it was the work
Of your hand

When I asked you
You denied
But to this day
I still think you lied

About the names
Written in the sand
In the sand

There was a heart
Carved in the chestnut tree
With initials
That could be you and me

When I told you so
You said the answer
my friend is still no

Despite the heart
In the chestnut tree
In the tree

And that was it for you and me

I got a love letter
Written with a purple pen
When I read it
It started all over again

When I called you to say yes
You said no way, it's just another wrong guess

Despite the letter
And the purple pen
Purple pen

Now your name
Is written in the sand
This time it's the work
Of my hand

I put your name
Next to mine
You should see it
It looks just fine

Our names
Written in the sand
Written in the sand
In the Sand
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