Sublime….Flawless…..Splendiferous. Having a voice that is synonymous with who you are so much that all anyone need do is hear two bars…that is Kickass. Danophone has that one of a kind voice. - Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide

The quality of the music is exquisite. This journey…or re-journey of regret is a beautiful album that can make you weep with sorrow like ‘Meet In The Middle‘, or bring an unusual uplifting smile to your lips, like ‘Arrested‘ does. Do check out this gripping simply somber, and savvy album. - Anthony Leclair, Swept Magazine

There is some genuinely enticing musicality present on the work, aside from Nielsen’s compelling vocals or ability to deliver a well-written lyric. All in all, if Danophone’s debut record is anything to go by, these rich and varied folksters should have quite the number of years ahead together as a band to remember. - Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake

Danophone’s music is reminiscent of John Mayer, or perhaps Bruce Springsteen. But essentially, the analogy falls a bit flat because Danophone’s sound is quite distinctive, if extremely melancholic. On a happier note, I do like the raw sound of the production values. The music is not highly stylized, which adds poignancy to the tunes. Rerun is worth a listen. Just be sure you’re in the mood. - Randy Radic, The Huffington Post

This collection of 11 pop rock tracks isn’t for the emotionally immature. However, in the hands—or ears?—of the right listener, this exploration of the various stages of melancholy and regret, rather than being dark and dreary, can potentially help us become free of what holds us back from achieving happiness. - Vents Magazine

Check out Denmark-based artist Danophone. The debut album Rerun features a great selection of laid back songs and deep lyrics and storytelling. We’ll be keeping an eye on Danophone in 2017. - Brendon Goldwasser, GroundSounds

Introspective honest rock songs and ballads permeated with gorgeous guitar work and solid vocals. There are lots of stories partially but effectively told here, compelling one to listen a little bit more closely to the words for clues.  The guitar work is stellar, rich in tone, immaculately interwoven, and melodically interesting throughout. Nielsen's vocals are spot on, and many times reminded me of mid-career Springsteen, so much so that I assumed this was a Jersey band  I'm looking forward to more from this talented group. - Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The sound of heartache in the American heartland, coming from a Danish voice from “The Happiest City in the World”. His debut album Rerun takes a page right out of '70s Americana.
Rerun is a loving tribute to the progenitors of its genre. Nielsen's delivery is warm and smooth. Another record proving that the old stereotype of regional styles is completely shattered in this new global century.
- Jon C. Ireson, Music-News

The album reeks of the kind of honesty that a person stuck in a cycle of repeating mistakes needs to hear to be able to choose hope instead of despair. If everyone in Denmark thinks about mistakes in the same way as this trio does, no wonder it is the happiest country in the world; its inhabitants deal with their emotions and break negative cycles through honest introspection rather than letting things fester. - Blog Critics.

Für alle, die eher auf einen wie Bruce Springsteen stehen, ist Danophone eine tolle wirkliche Neuentdeckung! - Niklas Kolell, (in German)

Classy intellectual folk from Denmark. - Unearth Records.

In any genre, it's high calibre musicianship and a nice sense of the songwriting hook that propels this collection of modern pop. - Anya Wassenberg , Art & Culture Maven

One of my favorite tracks, “Meet in the Middle,” cuts into a darker melodic plane but there’s a pining optimism in Carsten Nielsen’s voice that can’t be concealed. Another highlight, “Nation of Two,” has a central guitar riff that’s reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian. The final track, “The Whole Truth,” is one of the best, exuding organic warmth. - Chris Kompanek, The Huffington Post (Music from the underground)

Rerun” is all about the darker side of the emotional ride that is life; however, Nielsen never dips into depths from which one cannot return. Rather, each of the numbers retain enough joy and hope in them to be consider as part of a soundtrack for the hopefully realist, someone skillfully straddling the line between reality and utopia. This is the kind of music to indulge in on a bad day – music that will embrace our dark cloud only to dispel it, one note at a time. - Sahar's Blog Music Reviews

Intriguing in it's artistic concept, Rerun is emotionally stirring, with raw and real lyricism, touching on the dark nuances of the human experience. - JR McKeague, Wail Music Magazine.

Danophone’s Debut Album ‘Rerun’ is a melancholic feast. Reminding the listener of John Mayer, the guitar-led tracks are poignant and sad, but nonetheless beautiful. - Lisa Hafey, Essentially Pop

Occasionally a power pop element slips through as on the undeniably catchy “City Of The Kings,” but for the most part a sparse sense of internal struggle and melancholic regret inhabit every pore here, from “Meet In The Middle” to “Turn Blue,” the latter an even sadder take on the King Midas myth. Purposely recorded with limited technology, Rerun is as warm and tender as it is personal and intimate from a musician with an immediately identifiable voice deserving to be heard. - Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

Rollicking acoustics, natural hand percussion, and approachable vocals comprise a very welcoming arsenal throughout Danophone’s new album Rerun, led off by highlight “Frightened For”. While album cuts like “Copenhagen Club” and “City of the Kings” certainly showcase a more rock-centric style, the mood is always amiable and anthemic in a sense, with a love for acoustics. - Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

Fans of melodic rock/pop music will enjoy Danophone’s debut release and there’s also plenty on offer here for anyone who looks for emotionally engaged lyrics. A solid beginning for an artist to keep an eye on in the future.” - Jordan Smith, CMUSE Music News

The record feels personal, yet Nielsen has captured that universal connection. This is never as simple as it sounds. Crafting relatable music without falling down your own well is a struggle. Danophone makes it look effortless.
Nielsen’s voice is reminiscent of Springsteen and the record sounds like a well lit and photographed road trip across America, although Nielsen’s native Denmark is a nice twist. Listen to “Copenhagen Club” or “Turn Blue” for example. Or any song on the record, really. -
Antiem Boyd, Scallywag Magazine.

Delivering a very infectious, uplifting, rock/pop soundscape, Danophone’s new record is perfect for listening any where at any time. Well crafted songs with a very wide appeal guarantee that party guests or house visitors will be jamming along, nodding their heads, and asking who is playing on the stereo. - Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music

The majority of the record’s songs are steeped in the low-key prairie sweep of laid-back acoustic strum, subdued drum beats, and Nielsen’s unassuming vocal tone. Danophone kicks it up a notch on the Bruce Springsteen-influenced City Of The Kings. Twining, twanging electric guitars, cymbal smash, and a stronger drum beat support Nielsen’s matter-of-fact, storytelling vocals. - Jen Dan, Indie Music Review

Lyrically, Nielsen is able to draw on his experience as a writer to give the tracks a useful kick. For instance, he gives an impassioned plea for unity on the standout track "Meet in the Middle." - RTT News

Rerun, the first album from this science journalist, who calls Denmark home, is cleverly conceptualized to depict a melodic juxtaposition of the happiest place on earth. Danophone definitely maintains the melancholy. - Niki Gatewood, Quiet Lunch

- Ken Damgaard Thomsen, GFRock (in Danish)

Various songs have been shared and recommended by music blogs like
Alfitude, Soundsphere Magazine, Gobsmag & DR KarriereKanonen - and playlisted by Danish Radio on DR P5.
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