White WallWords & Music by Carsten Nielsen


There's a guard on the ground
An eye in the sky
And two men trying to hide
From the infrared
And the floodlight
Between them and the other side

They’ve been there for hours
After travelling for days
Now they're waiting for a chance to appear
On the final stretch
Where they lie close together
Shivering from cold and fear

They watch out for the wire
Ignore the danger signs
All their  dreams and desires
Are waiting behind

The white wall
The white wall

On the dark side of midnight
When the stars come out
They crawl closer to the line
Like swimmers on land
Strokes in sand
But it's just a matter of time

Before the moon betrays them
And the cameras work
They’re caught and taken away
And the guard files their photos
And fingerprints
And the fake names they used today

Back on the wrong side of the wire
Faced by the danger signs
Their dreams are still
Hidden behind

The white wall
The white wall
The white wall
The white wall
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