RerunWords & Music by Carsten Nielsen


Zooming in on a dark shade of green
In a tearful eye
Cut to a face in an old car
Slowly pulling a way

A blurred shot out through the back window
She's leaning on a lamppost looking down
Close-up as she starts to wave
But then change her mind

Who's going to make the first call
Who'll say sorry and who'll say let's forget it all

Like those old movies
They always
The same story again
In a Rerun

Fading in on a suitcase
On a bedroom floor
It reflects the blue light of a show
That no one's watching anymore

A handheld shot of the bed
Awkward touches and soft voices
But you don't know what's being said
A slow pan leaves them alone
With more trouble a few frames ahead

Cause who will admit they were wrong
And play the underdog
Hoping that this time it will last

Like a bad dream
That comes back to haunt you in a
it's all over again in a Rerun

Their lips are moving but there's no sound
Well maybe the words come later
Out of sync, out of hope
Out of love, out of time

But still dreaming of a
With a better end
Though we know we're dumb to even pretend
We can change a line in a Rerun

Rerun like those old movies
They always
The same story again
In a Rerun
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