SoonWords & Music by Carsten Nielsen


So you’re the best
Guitar player in this town
The new BB
But still without a crown
You write the best tunes
You’ve got the strongest voice
One in a million
According to yourself

Your songs will make Bob Dylan
Sound like a fool
Once they get finished
Kids will learn them
And sing them in school
Unlike the rest of us
You’ve got something to say
You do it in a profound
And intelligent way

Soon, soon, soon soon
Soon the world will know
Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon your name will glow

The fame and fortune
That you’re entitled to
Goes to people with
Less talent than you
You tell everyone
That it just ain’t fair
Don’t they see that it
Ought to be you up there

Karma, charisma and that
Unnamed special thing
You've got it all
And you're born to run
And born to bring
A whole new standard
To the music industry
You'll outlive Elvis
Yeah, just we wait and see

Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon we'll hear you sing
Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon you'll be the king

Well maybe you were drunk
When you first let it out
But what the heart is full of
The drunken tongue shouts
It's okay to be rude
Sure you can smash your guitar
But a real Jimi waits
Until he's reached the stars

So you're the best songwriter
In the whole wide world
You've got the moves
The lingo and a way with girls

There's a party
At a friend's place tonight
But we're not that hip
And I guess it won’t suit you right

But if you can spare the time
We'd like for you to come
We'll promise you friendship
And maybe even fun
We're proud to know you
And we'd like to shake your hand
We can talk about your plans
The day that you get in a band

Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon, there's time enough
Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon, but the road is rough

I know that
Soon, soon, soon, soon
Soon your time will come
You'll see that
Soon, soon, soon, soon
You won't have to say
Where you come from
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